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Company News About Why WDM – EDFA is known as futuristic product??
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Why WDM – EDFA is known as futuristic product??

Latest company news about Why WDM – EDFA is known as futuristic product??

1. Early days we use fiber to the node technology, where the aim is to reach the signal to junctions .Now the latest cable TV technology is fiber to the home.


2. In fiber to the node technology , point where the optical signal is to drop is comparatively less , like 10 connections from a single node.


3. But now in fiber to the home technology the concept is signal reaches to every home so the optical signal needed is high compared to fiber optic node technology. Hence it is more economical to use high power EDFA (16db x 32, 16dmb x16 etc ) than traditional EDFA ‘s like 16dbm x 4 . The advantage of this high power EDFA is that it is capable of giving signal to more fiber to the home connections from a single device.


4. This change from fiber to the node to fiber to the home technology leads to transformation from traditional EDFA to high power EDFA which is fine in technical view, but not good in business point of view.


5. Even though we have new technologies in cable TV field its future seems to be less according to the current market situation. So even we change to high power EDFA it won’t help to sustain in future, so its recommend to exchange the tradition EDFA with high power EDFA with WDM. Then reason to say so is , without much additional cost and labour charge we can give internet to all those fiber to the home connections . Thus the investment for the WDM EDFA will be leads to our future and sustainability.


6. This change in EDFA to WDM EDFA will not affect any designs and components in the network and it make WDM EDFA a main attraction. Connecting the OLT and WDM – EDFA we can use same components in network and give internet service also. The change needed is to use triple window plc splitter and filter node which only extra cost up to 50rs from customer end.


7. If need to deliver the internet connection we need to put a WDM node which is highly economical than adding new fiber connection. It allows us to deliver the connection much faster.


8. In current market situation, the service providers are ready to provide many variable packages, services, to compete the market. So we need to design our network keeping mind -the future of internet service. Which again proves the advantage of moving to wdm edfa.


9. Again in current market scenario, new generation is concurring all the business fields. So to sustain in the market we need to change our marketing plans. Earlier days customers call us for connections, but now we need to ask them ‘Do you need internet service?’. Also it is a good practice to give them trail service and make them feel the advantages of our products.

If we are using WDM technology we can give a trail or test internet connection to our customers very easily. Thus we can defend the competitions using this marketing strategy.


10. As CATV field is almost in saturated stage and are in designed stage. While planning a new network in internet it is very tough to design in first stages and later also it leads to wastage of signals because of non-professional designs. This problem can be reduced by using the WDM EDFA , which leads us to use current network of CATV. Thus it helps to use full capacity of devices like OLT.

In summary

  • WDM EDFA is a futuristic product
  • Investment for future also
  • Single investment for two services
  • Maximum utilization of equipments
  • Considering the future also, the investment is very less
  • New cost-effective and modern marketing techniques to defend the competitions.